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documentation listed under "additional used laptop resources." however please note regardless of manufacturer the hard disk drives are functionally equivalent ibm/hitachi 80gb / 7200 rpm / 2mb / 8.5ms / ata-100 eide hard drive biostar m7viw socket a kt266a northbridge chipset vt8235 southbridge chipset 184-pin ddr dimm 168-pin sdram dimm pc2100(ddr266)/pc133 parallel serial ps/2 mouse ps/2 keyboard rear usb 2.0 game port speak-out line-in mic.-in floppy connector ide hard disk connector front usb 2.0 front audio cd in s/pdif wol chassis intrusion vt1612 vt6103 plaisio eshop grammi quest oktabit cosmodata altec pouliadis soyo p4i socket 478 i845pe chipset 533/400 mhz fsb 184-pin ddr 333/266 2.5v dimm sockets support up to 2 gb pc2700/pc2100 non-ecc unbuffered ddr sdram memory rs-232 serial ports rj45 usb line-out line-in mic jack game port xfx geforce fx 5200 256mb ddr agp8x with tv & dvi video card mach speed v400 kt400 socket a high fidelity sound system apollo kt400 vt8225 cnr ddr266/ddr333/ddr400 ddr sdram 2.0ghz xp 2400+ nvidia geforce fx 5200 nvidia nview multi-display technology vgatv-out & dvi geforce fx 5600 256mb ddr agp8x with tv & dvi ramdac geforce fx 5200 128mb ddr agp8x with tv-out & dvi ati radeon 9200 256mb ddr agp8x with tv & dvi smoothvision charisma engine hyperz video immersion hydravision quad-pipe pixel power high-performance 3d redefining realism monitor management 3d graphics features mpeg-2 dtv/hdtv decode yuv to rgb horizontal and vertical filtering dual integrated display controllers k8t800/8237 / fsb800 / 3ddr / agp8x / lan 3com1000 / sata 150 /) (sata raid 0/1/0+1 / 6+2 usb 2.0 / 3x firewire artec beige 52x24x52x ide internal cd-rw drive with nero burning software cd-r & cd-rw cd-r cd-rw cd-da cd-rom mode 1 cd-rom xa photo cd video cd cd-i mixed mode enhanced cd cd plus track-at-once disc-at-once session-at-once multisession packet writing wsm-52x sony dru510a: 4x4x12xci fsp145-50ni fsp145-60si fsp180-60sa fsp180-60spv fsp235-60gt fsp250-60gta fsp250-60gtw fsp300-60bt(12v) fsp300-60gt ps3 12v fsp200-60spv(pf) fsp200-60spv sfx 12v fsp150-50ci fsp150-50ni(pf) fsp180-50ni(v) fsb memory lan vga sata ata133 usb2.0 1394 mk7a 266mhz ddr200 [pc1600] 430fx fsb memory lan vga sata ata133 usb2.0 1394 ap5c 66mhz fpm/edo dram ap5c/p 66mhz fpm/edo dram 430hx fsb memory lan vga sata ata133 usb2.0 1394 ap53 66mhz fpm/edo dram ax5 or sdram ap5tc 66mhz edo dram or sdram ax5t 66mhz edo dram or sdram ax5tc 66mhz edo dram or sdram 430vx fsb memory lan vga sata ata133 usb2.0 1394 ap5v 66mhz edo dram or sdram ap5vm 66mhz edo dram or sdram 440bx fsb memory lan vga sata ata133 usb2.0 1394 ax6b 100mhz pc100 sdram ax6b plus 100mhz pc100 sdram ax6bc 100mhz pc100 sdram ax6bc pro 100mhz pc100 sdram ax6bc pro gold 100mhz pc100 sdram ax6bc pro ii 100mhz pc100 sdram ax6bc pro ii millennium edition 100mhz pc100 sdram mx6b 100mhz pc100 sdram nx6b 100mhz pc100 sdram 440ex fsb memory lan vga sata ata133 usb2.0 1394 ax6lc lite 66mhz pc66 sdram mx6e plus 66mhz pc66 sdram 440fx fsb memory lan vga sata ata133 usb2.0 1394 ax6f 66mhz fpm/edo dram 440lx fsb memory lan vga sata ata133 usb2.0 1394 ax3l 66mhz edo dram or sdram ax6l 66mhz edo dram or sdram ax6lc 66mhz edo dram or sdram mx3l 66mhz edo dram or sdram 440zx fsb memory lan vga sata ata133 usb2.0 1394 ax6bc ez 100mhz pc100 sdram mx3za 100mhz pc100 sdram mx6b ez 100mhz pc100 sdram 810 fsb memory lan vga sata ata133 usb2.0 1394 mx3w pro-v 100mhz pc100 sdram mx3w-v 100mhz pc100 sdram mx3w-v2 100mhz pc100 sdram 810 dc-100 fsb memory lan vga sata ata133 usb2.0 1394 mx3w 100mhz pc100 sdram mx3w pro 100mhz pc100 sdram 810e fsb memory lan vga sata ata133 usb2.0 1394 mx3w pro-e 133mhz pc133 sdram 810e2 fsb memory lan vga sata ata133 usb2.0 1394 mx3w-e2 133mhz pc133 sdram mx3w-e2l 133mhz pc133 sdram mx3w-e3 133mhz pc133 sdram 810l fsb memory lan vga sata ata133 usb2.0 1394 mx3w-l 100mhz pc100 sdram 815e fsb memory lan vga sata ata133 usb2.0 1394 ax3s 133mhz pc133 sdram ax3s max 133mhz pc133 sdram ax3s plus 133mhz pc133 sdram ax3s pro 133mhz pc133 sdram ax3s pro ii 133mhz pc133 sdram ax3s pro sweet kiss 133mhz pc133 sdram ax3s pro-u 133mhz pc133 sdram ax3s-u 133mhz pc133 sdram mx3s 133mhz pc133 sdram mx3s-t 133mhz pc133 sdram mx3s-u 133mhz pc133 sdram 815ep fsb memory lan vga sata ata133 usb2.0 1394 ax3sp 133mhz pc133 sdram ax3sp pro 133mhz pc133 sdram ax3sp pro che che edition 133mhz pc133 sdram ax3sp pro-u 133mhz pc133 sdram ax3sp-1394 133mhz pc133 sdram ax3sp-u 133mhz pc133 dram mx3sp 133mhz pc133 sdram 820 fsb memory lan vga sata ata133 usb2.0 1394 ax6c 133mhz pc800/600 rambus ax6c-l 133mhz pc800/600 rambus 845d fsb memory lan vga sata ata133 usb2.0 1394 ax4b 400mhz ddr266 [pc2100] ax4b max 400mhz ddr266 [pc2100] ax4b pro 400mhz ddr266 [pc2100] used laptop ax4b-g2 400mhz ddr266 [pc2100] ax4b-g2n 400mhz ddr266 [pc2100] ax4be 400mhz ddr266 [pc2100] mx4b 400mhz ddr266 [pc2100] 845e fsb memory lan vga sata ata133 usb2.0 1394 ax4b pro-533 533mhz ddr266 [pc2100] ax4b-533 533mhz ddr266 [pc2100] ax4b-533 plus 533mhz ddr266 [pc2100] ax4b-533 tube 533mhz ddr266 [pc2100] ax4b-533n 533mhz ddr266 [pc2100] mx4br-533 533mhz ddr266 [pc2100 845g fsb memory lan vga sata ata133 usb2.0 1394 ax4g pro 533mhz ddr266 [pc2100] ax4g-n 533mhz ddr266 [pc2100] ax4gr 533mhz ddr266 [pc2100] mx4g 533mhz ddr266 [pc2100] mx4gr 533mhz ddr266 [pc2100] 845ge fsb memory lan vga sata ata133 usb2.0 1394 ax4ge fm 533mhz ddr333 [pc2700] ax4ge max 533mhz ddr333 [pc2700] ax4ge tube 533mhz ddr333 [pc2700] ax4ge tube japan 533mhz ddr333 [pc2700] ax4ge tube-g 533mhz ddr333 used laptop [pc2700] ax4ge-n 533mhz ddr333 [pc2700] ax4ger 533mhz ddr333 [pc2700] ax4ger-n 533mhz ddr333 [pc2700] mx4ge 533mhz ddr333 [pc2700] mx4ger 533mhz ddr333 [pc2700] 845gl fsb memory lan vga sata ata133 usb2.0 1394 ax4l 400mhz ddr266 [pc2100] ax4l-n 400mhz ddr266 [pc2100] ax4lr 400mhz ddr266 [pc2100] mx4l 400mhz ddr266 [pc2100] mx4lr 400mhz ddr266 [pc2100] mx4lr-gn 400mhz ddr266 [pc2100] mx4ls 400mhz pc133 dram 845gv fsb emory an vga sata ata133 usb2.0 1394 mx4gv ddr266 [pc2100] mx4gvr [pc2100] mx4gvr-gn 845pe model name fsb emory lan vga sata ata133 usb2.0 1394 ax4pe max 533mhz ddr333 [pc2700] ax4pe tube 533mhz ddr333 [pc2700] x4pe tube japan [pc2700] ax4pe tube-g [pc2700] ax4pe-n ax4per ax4per-g 533mhz ax4per-gn 533mhz ax4per-n 533mhz mx4per 533mhz 845s ax4bs ax4bs pro ax4bs-v mx4bs 48p ax4spb-un 800mhz 850 ax4t pc800/600 ambus x4t ii 850e model name fsb memory lan vga sata ata133 usb2.0 1394 ax4t ii-133 c1066 rambus ax4t ii-533 ax4t i-533n ax4t-533 pro 865g ax4sg 800mhz ax4sg max ax4sg-l ax4sg-n ax4sg-ul ax4sg-un mx4sg-4dl x4sg-n mx4sg-l mx4sg-n mx4sgi-l mx4sgi-n 865p ax4sp ax4sp-g 533mhz ax4sp-n 865pe ax4spe 800mhz ax4spe max ax4spe-g ax4spe-l 00mhz ax4spe-n ax4spe-ul ax4spe-un 875p canterwood ax4c ax4c max ii ax4c pro x4c- 7205 granite bay ax4r lus nvidia crush k8 model ame fsb memory lan vga sata ata133 usb2.0 1394 ak89 max k89- ak89-n nvidia nforce2 igp [crush 18g] k79g max ak79g tube ak79g-394 ak79g-v ak79g-vn mk79g-1394 mk79g-n vidia nforce2 spp [crush 18d] model name fsb memory lan vga sata ata133 usb2.0 1394 used laptop ak79d max ak79d-1394 vidia nforce2 ultra ak79d-400 1394 ak79d-400 max ak79d-400v ak79d-400vn sis 501 + 5502 ap55cs sis 5511 + 512 p5s 5571 ap57 66mhz fpm/edo dram 5582 model name fsb memory lan vga sata ata133 usb2.0 1394 p58 66mhz pm/edo dram 5591 p59s 66mhz edo dram or sdram 5598 mx58 plus 645 ax45 400mhz ddr333 [pc2700] ax45-v 400mhz 45dx ax45-533 ax45-max ax45-33 lus ax45-533 u2 ax45-533n ax45s-533 pc133 sdram ax45s-533n 648 x45-8x 533mhz ax45-8x max 33mhz ax45-8xn 533mhz ax45h-8x used laptop max ax45h-8xn 533mhz 650 mx46 400mhz 650gx x46 u2 400mhz mx46l 400mhz mx46ls 400mhz mx46ls-v 400mhz mx46u2-gn 00mhz mx46u2-vn 651 model name sb memory lan vga sata ata133 usb2.0 1394 mx46-mx46-533gn x46-533v 655 ax45-4d max ax45-d ax lite 745 k75 266mhz ak75 pro 266mhz 748 ak76f-400n 400mhz 693 ax63 133mhz pc100 dram 693a ax33 133mhz ax63 pro 33mhz 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aw744 pro 2 aw744-l2 cobra aw840 cobra aw850 cobra 850d cobra w850deluxe aw180 aw200 aw230 aw300 aw320 w724 aw744 deluxe aw744 pro aw744-l aos-201/3202 on-6133 bare systems fortress 120 fortress 1100 fortress 9100 hot swap cage sc5a sc6a hsc5 hsc6 housing sv320a v520a main board ax4s plus-u axps-u series dxpl-u series dxpn-u dxps-u series dx2g plus dx34 series x34- eries x37-u series dx3r plus dx3r plus-u dx6g plus dxps series aeolus fx5200-v128 aeolus fx5200-dv64 aeolus x5200p-vc128 eolus x5200-v128 aeolus fx5600-dv128 aeolus fx5600-dvc256 aeolus fx5600s-dvo128 eolus fx5600s-dvo256 aeolus x5800-dv128 aeolus x5900-dv128 aeolus fx5900ultra-dvc256 aeolus mx440 8x-dv64(n8) eolus mx440 x-v64(n4) eolus ti4200 8x aeolus ti4200 8x-vc128(n8) aeolus ti4200 8x-v64(n8)ddr aeolus ti4200s 8x-vc128(n8)ddr generic nvidia driver gf4mx440 8x-v64 gf4ti4400-dvc128 gf4ti4600-dvc128 mx400-64 pa315-v aeolus x5800 aeolus mx440 8x eolus mx440 8x-d64(n4) aeolus mx440s 8x aeolus ti4200 aeolus ti4200-dv128 aeolus ti4200-v64 aeolus ti4200-dvc128 fterburner deluxe gf2pro-vo gf2ti-v64 gf2ti-vo32 gf2ti-vo64 gf3-dv gf3ti200-v128 f3ti200-dv64 gf3ti500-dv64 f4mx420-v64 gf4mx440se-v64(a4) gf4mx440se-v64(a8) gf4mx440-v64 gf4mx460-dvc64 mx200-v x400 mx400-32 mx400-a mx400-e mx400-v pa2010 pa256 pa256 deluxe pa256 deluxe ii pa256 mx a256 mx deluxe pa256 mx ii a256 x latinum pa256 pro pa300 vr pa3000 pa3000 lt pa3000 pf pa3000 plus pa3010 a3010 pro pa3010a pa3010n pa3020 a3020 pro pa3020a pa3020g pa3030 pa3030 ultra pa305 pa315 pa315 pro-tvh a45 a50 pa50d pa50e pa50v pa700 a700 pro pa700v-n pa700v-p pa70d pa740 g128 pg128 plus pg80 pg80/dvd pg975 xabre400-dv64 pci p21 p50/l50 p60 a2000 pa305-pci16 ps66 pt60 pt65 pt70 pt75 pt80 pv60 v65 v70 pv75 pv90 os-201/3202 aon-6133 bare systems ortress 120 fortress 1100 fortress 9100 hot swap cage hsc5a hsc6a hsc5 hsc6 sv320a v520a ax4s plus-u axps-u series dxpl-u series dxpn-u dxps-u series dx2g plus dx34 series dx34-u series dx37-u eries dx3r plus dx3r lus- 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aoh-605 aoh-608 ir128 isdn terminal adapter isdn-t30 kb-910 kb-920p kb-950p kb-966b km-930r km-935r km-950r km-990r b-80 kb-930p kb-media standard keyboard kb-833 kb-835p kb-855 kb-858 kb-858b km-833 kb-2000 kb-800 kb-823 kb-830 kb-858p kb-68 kb-900 elite kb-980 kb-mini kb-w98 acer lan/p aln-001 aln-101 aln-101-tb aln-201 aln-201c-tb aln-211 aon-101 aon-201 10/100 bps ci nic aon-325 aln-310tx aln-315 aln-315c aln-315tx aln-320 aln-325 aln-325c aln-328 aln-328c aon-301 aon-315 10/100 mbps pcmci aln-320tx alp-330 aop-320 10/100 pcmcia/cardbus aop-330 gigabit aog-501 aog-502 d-23g s-57g w-23 w-23g w-58g 3d mouse m34 s34 42 s48 s48a s56 u42 u48 optical o-23g o-32g o-35 o-35b o-35g o-35m rf wireless r-25w apc ar8129 1u cable management arm apc r8122 net shelter fixed shelf apc su027 smart ups receptacle apc ap9562 rack pdu basic 1u 15a 120v apc su029rm3u smart ups eceptacle pc su029rm smart ups receptacle apc ar8122blk apc fixed shelf black apc mxa006 matrix casters apc smart2200rm2u 2000va smart pro rckmnt 2u ups apc ap9004 apc powerchute plus f/unix/xen apc ap9607 smartslot interface expand apc ap9550 rack power distribution nit-h apc ap9610 smartslot relay i/o module apc ap9567 rack pdu 15a 120v apc ar8003 dell mounting rails 4300/6300 apc sypd6 ymmetra rm 2-6kva 208v out apc ap9612th smartslot measure-ups 2 apc ap9623 smart slot expander card apc ap9510l630 nema l6-30 ower relay apc ar8123blk standard duty sliding shelf/blapc mxa101 mxa101 pdu for matrix 10x5-15 rcptls if you're managing multiple ervers, particularly in a mixed os environment, apc's smartslot ups interface expander and share-ups are essential tools to properly manage signaling servers from a single ups. this adapter provides two additional ports to facilitate safe system shutdown and advanced ups management of up to three servers from one ups. all three servers can be running different operating systems, making it ideal for multiple os environments.asus kn97 kn97-x 2-99 p2-99b xg-dls k7m k7m-rm k7v 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bios id 2a6lgp8l abit: bm6 x bios flash) bf6 bx be6 bx bh6 x w/bios flash) 6(w/bios lash) bm6(w/bios flash) bx-6 r2.0 bx vt6x4 ia 94 vl6 via apollo 3a se6 i815 sl6 815 bx133 raid- x h6- i815 slot- a6r i815 vp6 via-dual fc-pga vh6-ii via apollo pro 33a vh6t a apollo pro 133a st6-raid i815ep sa6 i815ep corp 6via90a via694x 6via85 ia apollo pro 133a 6via83a 93x+596b hipset 6via85p via693a+596b 6m810cn intel i810/810- c100/810e 6a815e i815 6via83a ia693x+596b 815ed ntel 82815e al fc 6ali97aalim1631+m1535d chipset 6pma ia 8605 + 686b 6a815epd intel 15ep aid dual fc 6plef 01a+686b dinky ami (american megatrends) megadual le ual fc olympus ii i815 amptron piii-3755lmr sis 630e iii-758mr sis 630e iii-758lmr sis 630e piii-3wmv intel 810 piii-3wdmv intel 810 p6ipat v1.0 intel 815ep b step ualatin iii-700t v1.5a sis 5t ualatin piii-3758tlm piii- 755lmb aopen: ax34 pro ii via apollo pro 133a ax34 ii via apollo pro 33a x34 ia apollo ro 33a mx64 via pollo o 33a ax63pro via pollo pro 133 ax6b+ intel 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pro133 ata-153-x1 ata-n153-sx0 815e ata-n153p-sx1 i815ep ata-v913b-sx1 via m133/686b ata-v962b-sx1 via 694x/686b ta-v962-sx1 apollo ro133a ta-v930-sx1 ata-v930-sx0 azza pl133bm via® ple133 u694 series via 694t tualatin u601bs ple133t tualatin 633x-d/as via® pro266 ddr 815ep eries intel 815ep 601am series ple133 601bm series ple133 694bx 694bx 810dmc 810 15epx intel 815ep 815ex intel 15e 815tm ntel 815 chaintech: ct-6afv via 8601/8231 ct-6aia4 via apollo pro133 ct-6aiv via vt8601 ct-6aiv5 ia pm133 ct-6aiv6 via pm133 ct-aja4/r4 via apollo pro133 6aja4/100 via apollo pro133 ct-ajm2 via 93a/596b ct-6ajv5 via pm133 ct-6asa4 via apollo pro133 ct-6ata4 via apollo ro133 ct-6cja1/r1 intel 20 t- cta2 intel 820 ct-6oiv intel 815 ct-6oiv2 intel 815e ct-6oiv3 intel 815e ct-6oja3 intel 815ep ct-6ojv intel 815 t- jv2 intel 815e ct-6ojv3 intel 815e ct-6ria ali 1641/1535d ct-6sfv flex atx 133mhz sis 630e ct-6sfv2 flex atx 3mhz sis 630e ct-6via4 via 694x/686a ct-6via5 via 694x/686a ct-6viv via 694x/686a with nvidia tnt2 ct- vjd/2 via m133via pro266 ddr ct-6wex2 s1/370baby at intel 810e ct-6wfv2 intel 810e ct-6vjd3t via pro266t ith 3 ddr ct-vjd2t via pro266t with 2 ddr ct-6vidt via pro266t with 2 ddr ct-6aja4t via 694t tualatin ct- via5t via 694t ualatin ct-6via6t via 694t tualatin ct-6via6 via 694x 6aja4t biostar: m6two m6tsu intel 815ep ualatin m6vct ualatin m6vla m6vlq tualatin m6twl intel 815 & 815e series m815e-mx m815ec4-x m815u-mx m815uc-x intel 810e series 81et-x 81ent-fx m81ent-x intel 810 series m81-mx m81dc-mx m81-fx m81dc2nt-fx m81dc-fx m81-x m81dc-x p2-bx-x via mp4x266n-x p4m266n-x md694tn-x md694xn-x m694x(n)-mx m694xnc-x m694x-x map3-mx pm133-mx ^top^ dfi: cw35-s cw35-as intel 810/ich2 w27-ea ntel 810-e cw27-en cw35-e intel 810-e cw35-ac intel 10e2 cw35-tc cw35-l cs35-sc cs65-sc cs65-su cs35-tc ualatin cs35-tl tualatin cs30-tc tualatin cs30-tl tualatin cs32-tc tualatin cs32-tl tualatin cs62-tc tualatin cs35- c ntel 815e cs35-el cs65-ec intel 815e s60-c cs61-ec cs61-en cm35-sc cb60-v3 ca33-sc ca63-sc ca63-sn ca63-ec ca63-en ca64-tc ca64-tn ca34-su ca64-ln ca64-bc ca64-bn ca64-ec a64-en cm33-tc cd70- c dr cm33-sc cm33-ec cm35-ecvia pm133/686b ca34-sc ca64-sc ca64-su ^top^ ecs elitegroup d6vaa ia® t82c694x vt82c686b chipset dual pga-370 p6bap via apollo pro 133 p6bap-a+ via apollo pro133 p6bap-me via pollo pro133 p6bat-a+ elite bx 6bat-me elite bx p6bxt-a+ intel 440bx p6ic-meintel 820 p6ipa i815ep p6ipm i815ep p6isa i815 p6isa-ii i815e p6ism-ii i815e p6ism intel 2815 & 82801aa p6iwp-fe i810 p6iwp-fe/i810e(v2.0) i810 lexatx p6iwt-me intel 810 (whitney) p6set-ml sis 620/5595 p6ssm sis630s 6ssm2 sis630s microatx p6stp-fl v1.1)sis 630e p6stp-fn sis 630 p6vaa via 693a/ 686a p6vam via 693a/ 686a p6vap-a+ via apollo ro133a 6vap-me via apollo pro 133 p6vap-mevia apollo pro133a p6vma via vt8605/86c370(nb) p6vmm via vt8605 p6vpa via apollo pro 266 ddr coming soon p6vpa2 via apollo pro 266 ddr p6vpm via apollo pro 266 ddr coming soon p6vxa via vt82c694x & vt82c686a/(b) 6vxm ia vt82c694x & vt82c686a p6vxm2 via 694x/686b p6stm sis 30s p6s5at sis ddr and sdram tualatin p6iemt intel 815e b tualatin 6ieatintel 15e b tualatin p6ipmt intel 815ep b ualatin p6ipat intel 815ep b tualatin p6vxat 694t tualatin ^top^ epox: cu-133a via pro133a cu-133a+ via ro133a ep-3bxa i440bx ep-3etm intel 815e tualatin ep-3pta intel 815ep b tualatin ep-3ptm intel 815ep b tualatin ep- c2a 820 e ep-s1a 815 ep-3vb via pro+ at format ep-3vba via pro133 ep-3vba+ via pro133 ep-3vba3 via pro133 ep-3vbm+ via pro133 microatx ep-3vca ia pro133a atx ep-3vca2 via pro133a atx ep-3vca2+ via pro133a tx ep-3vha via apollo pro 266 ddr ep-3vsa via pro133a tualatin ep-3vsm ia pro133a tualatin ep-3vwm via romedia 8601a ep-3vwm+ via promedia 8601a ep-3vwm2 via promedia 8601a ep-3vwb via promedia 601a ep- vwb+via promedia 8601a ep-3wtm via ple133t ep-693a via pro133 ep-3wem i810 ep-6vba via pro133 ep- vba2 via pro133a ep-6vbe via pro+ ep-bx7-100 intel bx ep-d3va via pro 133a dual fc ep-s1a i815 solano ep- s2a i815e ep-3s2a5 i815e ep-3spa i815ep ep-spa3 i815ep ep-3spa3l i815ep ep-3spm i815ep ep-3vcm via ro133a ep-3vcm+ via pro133a more flexus: (freetech) p6f107vua apollo 6f117 via pro133a p6f125 i815e p6f127 via 694x/686b p6f128 i815ep p6f130 via pro133a ualatin p6f131 via pro133a p6f132 intel 5be/ep p6f133 p6f135 p6f209 m via pl133t freeway fwd-p3c4xd apollo ro133a ual fc fwd-p3c4x apollo ro133a slot 1 fwd-cupa via rosavage(tm) pm133 gainward 6iba intel 440bx 6ibb intel 40bx 6ibc intel 40bx 6vba via apollopro plus + 6vba-133 via apollo pro plus -133 6vba-133a via apollo pro plus -133a 6vbc via pollo pro plus 3vba via apollo pro 133a gigabyte: ga-6cx intel 820 ga-6cxc intel 820 a-6cx7 intel 820 a-cxc7 ntel 820 ga-6cmc7 intel 820 micro atx ga-6cmc7r intel 820 micro atx ga-6bx7 intel 440bx ga-bx7+ intel 440bx -x2000+ intel 440bx ga-6vx7-4x via ga-6vxe7+ via ga-6vx7-1394 via ga-6vm7-4i via ga-6vm7-4x via ga-vmml via pl133 ga-6vmm-p via pl133 ga-6ox intel i815 ep ga-6oxc intel i815 ep ga-6oxe iintel i815 ep ga-6oxt ga-6oxm7 intel i815 ga-6oxm7e intel i815 ga-oxm7e(-1)intel i815 ga-6omm7 intel i815 ga-6omm7e ga-6vx7b-4x ia a-6smz7 sis 630e ga-6vxd7 via dual 370 ga-6vxdc7 via dual 370 a-6rx apollo pro 266 dr ga-6rxb apollo pro 66 ddr ga-6vxc7-4x via 694x ga-6vxc7-4x-p via 694x ga-6vtx via 694t tualatin ga- iem ualatin ga-6oxet ualatin/prestoria ga-6oxt tualatin ga-6iwfe tualatin ga-6iwfl tualatin ga-6wfz7(-e) ntel 10/810e gvc/bcm mr806 ia ollopro df702 intel whitney 810 dr725e sis 630e mr826 sis 630s mr825 intel 815 dr742e whitney(810/810e) dr725 sis 630 df701 whitney(i810/i810e dx760e whitney(i810/i810e mr803 via vt82c694x mr812 camino(820) mx841 intel 815(solano) r824 via t8605/vt82c686a dx760 whitney(810) mr814 whitney(810) bcm rx815el intel 815e in810p intel 810/810e n810ep intel 810/810e s440bxp intel 440bx bc694vp via apollo pro133a gt694vp via apollo pro133a d815efv tualatin 815epfv d815egew tualatin d810e2ca3 ualatin d810e2cb tualatin d815eea2 tualatin d815epea2 tualatin iwill vd100 ia apollo pro+ vd133 via apollo pro 133 vd133gold via pollo o 133a ws133 intel 810e vd133pro via apollo pro 133a 100-n ntel 810 a133-s intel 810e wo2 intel 815e wo2-r ntel 815e raid dvd266-r pollo pro 266 raid dual fc ddr va133plus ia apollo pro133 bd133u intel 15ep(b-step) ualatin vx133 via 694t tualatin dvd266u-r apollo ro 266 raid dual fc ddr etway 618as. intel 815ep 618af. intel 815e 695as. ia 693a/686a 613df. intel 810e 630bf/630bn. sis 630e 30cf/630cn. s 630e 694as. via 694x/686b 693as. ia 693a/686a va4 via 694x/686a 810e 810e 630af.sis 630s 601cf ia ple133 18as ltra 82815e ualatin 635cs/635cn.sis 635 tualatin 618af pro/618af pro-r 815e tualatin 618as pro/618as ro-r. 815ep tualatin 5tcs/615tcf.815e/ep tualatin 694tas via 694t tualatin 601cf via ple133 694tcs.via 694t ualatin lot 1 and 370 ombos leadtek: winfast 00vx pollo pro133 sl-1 winfast 9300ddr 815e/ep tualatin winfast 9100ax 815e/ep tualatin winfast 6300ma pro winfast 6300max luckystar ap266a via apollo pro 266 ddr vapro266 apollo pro 266 ddr vmple1 6vmple2 ia ple133/686a 6va693am via 693/686a 6va694 694x/686a 6vm693at via 693a dual fc 6aap5 li 651 ddr 6a815ep 6a815ep 6a815ep+ 815ep 6a815 i815 6a815e i815e 6a810ea i810e 6b810e i810e m810e i810e 6abx2c x440 6f810a i810e magic-pro mp-v3000 intel i815e p-v3000m intel i815e 815ep mp-v2000 intel 815e mp-810-c intel i810 mp-6vip-v via prosavage pm-133 mp-6vip-vm ia prosavage pm-133 mp-6vip-v2m via prosavage pm-133 mp-vip-du apollo pro133a dual fc mp-6vip-dr apollo pro 266 ddr mp-6vip- 394 apollo pro133a (694x) mp-6vip-g4 apollo pro133a mp-6vip-3,g3+ via apollo pro 133a mp-6vip-d,d+ via apollo ro 133 mp-6vip-c2 a apollo pro 133 mp-6vip-c+ via apollo pro 133 mp-6vip-b via pollo pro 133 ^top^ matsonic s7308d/e sis 630e ms8308e sis 630e 7306esis 630e ms7308e sis 630e ms7057ct 815ep tualatin ms7057c s7047d 815e ms7177c apollo pro133a (694x) ms7177ct via 694t alatin ms7057c intel i815ep ms7117c via 93a/686a ms7127c via 693a/686a maxtim smartbx via 693a/intel 440bx ? smart815 i815 mart 815ep intel i815ep msi microstar) ms-6309 lite via 694x ms6321 ia 694x dual cu-mine 694d pro 2 dual fc via 694d pro 2r dual fc via 94d pro 2ir dual fc via 815e pro intel 815em pro micro 815ep pro-r: ntel raid 815 pro intel pro266 master via pollo ro 266 ddr pro266 ster-r via apollo pro 266 ddr pro 266 plus via apollo pro 266 ddr 815et ro 815e tualatin ms- 337le5 815ep tualatin 694t pro via 694t alatin ms-6309le2 via 694t tualatin via ple 133 ver5.0a via le133/686a via ple 133 ver5.0a w/lan via ple133/686a 815emt pro 815ep alatin pro266td masterlr via® t8653 dual tualatin nexcom atx dual socket 370 entium® iii all-in-one main boards nex 6320a nex 6420a ex 620a pine technologies pm-f01a intel bx pm-f05a intel 810 pm-f09a intel 15ep pm-s01b sis 620 pm-v01a via 693 pm-v03b via 694x pm-v15a via apollo pro 266 ddr pm-v28a via ple133/686a pt-s624-23 sis 620 ioworks sdvia ia 133a dual fc-pga sdvia-100 via 133a ual c-pga sdvia-ls via 133a dual fc-pga sdvib via 133a dual fc- ga sdvicvia pro266 dr dual fc-pga shuttle group: av18e apollo pro133t ualatin ae23 intel 815ep ae25/r intel 815ep ualatin av30via apollo pro 266 ddr av32via apollo pro 266 ddr fv24 via vt8604 me21 intel 15e mv17evia m133 mv19e via pm133 mv21 apollo ple133 soltek sl-65ep2+ ntel 15ep tualatin sl-65ep2b intel 815ep tualatin sl-65ep2 ntel 815ep tualatin sl-65ep+-t intel 815ep tualatin sl-65ep-t intel 815ep tualatin sl-5me2+ intel 815e tualatin sl- 5me2b intel 815e tualatin sl-65me2 intel 815e tualatin sl-65me+-t intel 815e tualatin sl-65me-t intel 815e ualatin sl- 5ep+ intel 815ep sl-65ep intel 815ep sl-65me+ intel 815e sl-65me intel 815e sl-65drv-t apollo pro266t tualatin sl- 5drv apollo pro266 sl-65kv2-t apollo pro133t tualatin sl-65kiv2-t apollo pro133t tualatin sl-68c apollo pro133a dual c sl-65kv2 apollo pro133a sl-5kiv2 apollo pro133a sl-65liv-t apollo ple133t tualatin sono: ps2808 intel 815 e/ep ualatin soyo sy-7vba133 via apollo pro sy-7vca via 94x chipset sy-7vca2 via 694x sy-7vcm via apollo pro sy- vda via apollo pro 266 ddr sy-7vca-e via apollo pro sy-7is2 intel i815ep sy-iwm/l2 intel 810 sy-7isa i815 sy- ism i815 sy-tisu intel 815ep tualatin sy-7isa+ 815e sy-7is2 815ep sy-7vem via ple133 sy-7vba133u via 4t tualatin supermicro: super 370sda via apollo pro 266 ddr super 370ssr intel 815 solano w/scsi super piiidm3 ntel 840 carmel super 70de6-g dual fc tualatin serverset iii le p3tssa intel 815 tualatin p3tde6 he-sl tualatin dual c super p3tder dual fc tualatin serverset iii le super p3tde6-g dual fc tualatin serverset iii le super p3tdl3 dual fc ualatin serverset iii le super p3tdle dual fc tualatin serverset iii le uper 3tdlr dual fc tualatin serverset iii le super p3tssa intel 815 tualatin super p3tddr via apollo pro 266t ddr tualatin super p3tddevia apollo ro 66t dr tualatin taiwan commate computer p3sae i815 p3sae-l i815 370sma i815 370sae intel 815e 370sae-l intel 815e 370sae-p intel 815ep 370pma via vt8605 p3wa-e intel 810e s-1/370 p3wma-e intel 810e m-atx s-1/370 p3apa ia 694x chipset p3/370a-vp via 93a/596b 630ma sis630 / micro atx 370pma-h via vt8605 pvddr via apollo pro 66 ddr 370ple via ple133 tekram s3815-ae - 815e s3815-ane 815e 3pro-au+ via apollo pro 133a transcend: ts-awe3 intel 810e ts-ave3 via apollo pro pc133a ts-ave3/b via apollo pro pc133a ts-avd3 via pollo pro pc133 ts-uwl31/intel 810 chipset micro ts-uwh31 intel ts-uwe31 intel ts-abx31 intel ts-asl3 intel i815e ts-usl3 intel 15e ts-usl3/n intel 815e ts-apm3 via pm133 ts-apm3/b via pm133 ts-asp3 intel 815ep ts-apr3 via apollo pro 66 dr tyan s1854 trinity 400 via apollo pro133a s2054 tomcat i810 810 s2060 tomcat i815e 815e s2420 tomcat i810ef 810e tiger le (s2515) dual fc via apollo s2505 tiger 200 dual fc via apollo pro133a s2507 tiger 230 dual fc via apollo ro133a s2510 thunder le dual fc serverset iii le s2520 thunder i840 dual fc i840 thunder hesl (s2567) serverset™ he-sl hipset trinity 450 (s2507s) via apollo pro133a thunder hesl-t (s2688) serverset™ he-sl chipset tomcat i815t intel 815 ualatin tomcat i815ef (s2425) intel 815 qdi synactix 1e intel 815e synactix 1 intel 815 synactix 2e intel 815e synactix 2ep ntel 815ep synactix 5epv2.0 intel 815ep tualatin synactix 5ep intel 815ep advance 12 via apollo pro 266 ddr advance 1m via apollo pro 133a advance 10t via 694t tualatin advance 6t via ple-133t tualatin advance 6e via ple133 advance b via ple133 advance 6a via ple133 advance 10e via apollo pro 133a advance 10f via apollo pro 133a advance 10b ia pollo pro 133a advance 10m via apollo pro 133a advance 10bm via apollo pro 133a advance 10 via apollo pro 133a advance 9 via apollo pro 133 brillianx 9 intel 440bx superb 3l sis630e centuriex 2 intel 820 chipset winnex 1e intel 810 winnex 1 intel 810 winnex 5 intel 810 2themax 3cam 3com 3d labs 3dfx a4 technology acumos aamazing ability abit acard accelgraphics accton acculogic ace multimedia acecad aceex acer achitec aci acorp acs actebis actima actionmedia actiontec active modems actown scanners ad chips adaptec adara addax addison technology addonics technologies addtron adesso adi systems adic adlib multimedia ads adtran advance intergration research advance logic research (alr) advance ortable advanced gravis advanced vision research (avr) advansys aesl technology aeton afreey agfa agiler aims lab aiwa akia alaris alfa ali alliance promotion alliance semiconductor allied data allied telesyn alloy alps electric altec lansing altek altima altra always amacom amax ambicom amd ame group american megatrends american power conversion (apc) amptron amquest amrel systems amstrad amt amtran analog devices anatech anchor datacomm anchor electronics company antec antex anzac computer equipment aoc aopen apac apache apex data appian graphics apple computer apricot aps echnologies arche archive archos archtek arcus argosy aria (prometheus) aristo ariston ark logic arowana art media artec artisoft (lantastic) artist graphics asante technologies ascend aserton askey computer asonic asound aspen technology ast astro research asus asuscom atapi atech atherton technology ati atlas peripherals atrend atronics atnt attachmate atto technology audio excel audiowave aureal auslinx modems austin avance logic avatar avec (relisys) avermedia avision labs avm avt industrial avtek award axion axis communications axonix azeena ztech labs azura azza banksia banyan systems barco bare-bone bay networks bcd bcm behavior tech omputer belinea belkin components bell + howell best data products billion biostar bitmaster black widow (devcom) blaze boca research boeder bos bravo (haydn) breve bridge information co brightcom britek brooktree brother bsi btc buslogic c-media cabletron ystems calcomp california graphics and peripherals california graphics and peripherals cambridge cameo canon canopus orporation cardex cardexpert technology cardinal technologies cardinal cardport cardscan carroll touch casio centronics cequadrat ch products chaintech chase research chemusa cherry chic chicony electronics chieftain chinon chips and echnologies chromatic research chuntex electronics co cirque cirrus logic cis technology cisco systems citizen citoh cmd echnology cmedia (cmi) cms cnet technology cnetusa cnf colorado (hp) colorgraphic com one commate commax commodore commwave compal electronics compaq compex compeye compro (acs) compuadd compudyne compumax computer peripherals international computer technology link comtrade concord (avt) conexant connectix connectware conner eripherals (seagate) contex contour design core dynamics corex technolo cornerstone costar cptel creative labs creatix cristie crystal computer crystal lake crystal semiconductors ctx cyber-a cyberdrive cybervision cyrix corporation d and b nternational comp d-link systems dae sun daewoo dan technology plc darius technology ltd data expert (expert media) data eneral corp data technology (dtc) datacard dataflex design communications datalux datamax dataproducts datasouth datastor datatrain datatronics datawise davicom dawicontrol dayna communications daytek dazzle multimedia dcs multimedia caview dell computer delta electronics deltron (realvision) deskey dest devcom (black widow) dextra dexxa diablo diamond data mitsubishi) diamond flower inc (dfi) diamond multimedia diamond technologies diaquest dicomed digi international digicom systems (creative labs subsidiary) digicom group digicorp digidesign digispeech digital audio labs digital equipment orporation dec) digital processing systems digital research technologies digital video arts digital video systems digital vision digitan digiview direct x (microsoft) disctec distributed processing technologies (dpt) dolch computer systems domex dr neuhaus draytek dtk computer dualtech duxbury dynalink dynamode dysan evans and sutherland e-lux e-tech research eagle technology eagletec easy read easyphoto easystor echo communications echo speech eclipse ectiva e edimax edom (win 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j-446, j-571a, j-624, j-636, -46b, j-646c, j-648b, j-656c, j-656hxa, j- 56a, j-7fxa, micro star ms-128, ms-5129, ms-6103, ms-6104, ms-6106, ms- 107, ms-6108, ms-6109, giga-byte ga-586vx, ga-586hx, ga-586tx, ga-686kx, asus tek p5tvp4, asus n97-x, sus p5t2p4, sus tx-97e, asus tx97-x, asus asus tek p/i-p55tvp4, asus asus tek txpe-x, asus bio star 8500 tud, chaintech all odels) aopen ap5t, open ap5x, dfi g586-tx, -its, dfi g686-ipk, mitac ph5400vr, iwill p55xu2, p55xuw, iwill ultra ma 33, nited itech 4tpv, 54tpi, united hitech p6np, mycomp ai5tv, mint aple pm86vt1, ami/ efa via 580, efa p5tx-at, tway j-656vxc, jetway j-656vxd, etway -648a, gvc it5h, gvc it5v, gvc sm5, win mp078, mp080, win mp081, holco ot-557, hot-553, holco hot-623, a-trend tx5000, tx5020, a-trend atc1040, atc5020, a-trend at6100, ull yes 82430vx-iii, 82430tx-a&b, full yes 82440xxa&b, winco 55tv2, p55vg2, winco va2t55, arkcom p5vx- e, 5hx-a&b, markcom 5tx-a, fic pa2005, solomon po5168, epox p55-bt, p55-px2, epox p55-vp2, 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h6, va6, vt6x4, wb6, ka7, ka7-100, siluro fx5600xt, siluro geforce256 gts, hotrod 66 / hpt366, hotrod100 pro / pt37x, zm6 i440zx 3dimm agp 5pci 2isa, zh6, zh22, wx6 09/10/1999-i810-w83627hf-6a69ma1ac-mj i810, x22l 12/08/2000-i810-w83627hf- a69ma1ic- q i810, i2p ntel e7505 agp 2pci 3pci-64 6dimm dualcpu minipci aic- 899w, wf23l 08/17/2001-i810-w83627hf- a69ma1gc-4p i810, wf22l 12/08/2000-i810-w83627hf-6a69ma1ic-wq i810, wf22l 11/08/2000-i810-w83627hf- a69ma19c-vu i810, wb6 01/10/2001-i810-83627hf-a69ma1dc-wx i810, vt6x4 2/14/2001-694x-686a-6a6lja19c-yk 03/02/2000-694x-686a-6a6lja19c-xx via 694x 686a, vr6-raid apollo pro 66t pci 3dimm hpt370 raid, vp6 07/24/2001-694x-686b-6a6lja1ec-yt via 694x 686b agpx4 5pci 4dimm dualcpu, vm21 3/20/2001-8605-86a-6a6lla1ac-yu via 8605 686a, vl6 02/07/2002-693a-686-6a6lga1ac-7k via 693a 686, vh6t 3/15/2002-694x-686b- a6lja1pc-8g via 94x 686b agp 5pci 1isa 1amr 3dimm, vh6ii 02/08/2002-694x-686a-a6lja1fc-7f via 694x 686a vh6 v1.1 02/08/2002-694x-686a-6a6lja1fc-7f ia 694x 686a, vh6 01/31/2002-694x-686a- a6lja1dc-7j, 6/09/2000-694x- 86a-6a6lja1dc-xx via 694x 686a 3dimm 5pci 1isa 1amr, va6x4, a6 08/31/2000-693a- 86a-2a6lga1bc-uq via 93a 686a, va6 10/12/1999-694a-686a-2a6lga1bc-xx via 694a 686a, ts20 v1.1 04/03/2002-815e-w83627h-6a69ra1xc- q 815e, ts20 06/15/2001-i815e-w83627h-6a69ra1pc-3l i815e, th7ii-raid 09/13/2002-i850- 83627hf-a69sa1bc-bf i850 , h7ii 09/13/2002-i850-w83627hf-6a69sa1bc-bf i850 , th7-raid 10/15/2001-i850- 83627hf-6a69sa19c-36 i850 th7 10/15/2001-i850-w83627hf-6a69sa19c-36 i850 , th20 09/24/2001-i850-w83627hf- a69sa1dc-53 i850 st6e-raid 07/03/2002-i815e-83627h-6a69ra1ec-9q i815e , st6e 07/03/2002-i815e-w83627h-a69ra1ec-9q i815e st6-raid 07/03/2002-i815ep-w83627-6a69ra1rc-9p 815ep b agp 6pci 3dimm 1amr raid , st6 7/03/2002-i815ep- 83627-6a69ra1rc-9p i815ep b agp 6pci 3dimm 1amr, sr7-8x 62-0620-is648 sis 648, sn20 2/13/2000-i815-w83627hf-6a69ra1jc-vs i815, sl6 02/06/2002-i815-w83627hf-6a69ra1bc-w i815, l-30t v1.0 1.1 -i815e-w83627h-6a69ra1uc-8d i815esl-30 v1.0 1.1 -i815e-w83627h-6a69ra1dc-vt i815e, l-2p 05/21/2002-e7500-6a69wa19c-7a intel e7500, si7 sis r658 963, sh6 02/06/2002-i815e-w83627h-6a69ra1kc-7u i815e, sg71 1/26/2002-sis-651-6a6ixa1dc-ch sis 51, sf-21 12/15/2000-sis-630-6a6ira1cc-wm sis 630 , se6 v2.1 02/06/2002-i815ep-w83627-a69ra1oc-7v i815ep, se6 v1.x 02/21/2002-i815e-w83627h-6a69ra1hc-7y 815e 3dimm 1agp 6pci amr, sd7-533 sis 650 agp 5pci 3dimm, a7 sis-645-6a6ixa19c-bm sis 645, sa6r v1.1 02/20/2002-i815ep-w83627-6a69ra1nc-7x i815ep agp 6pci 4dimm, sa6 v1.1 2/20/2002-i815ep-w83627- a69ra1nc-7x i815ep agp 6pci 4dimm nv7m 12/31/2001-nvidia-nforce- a61aa19c-xx, 09/11/2002-nvidia-nforce-a61aa19c-be nvidia nforce 420d agp 3pci 2dimm, nv7-133r 09/30/2002-nvidia-nforce-6a61aa1ac-c3, nf7-s (was v7-8x) 1/29/2002-nvidia-nforce-6a61ba1ac-12 nvidia force 2 615 agp 5pci 3dimm sata, nf7-g nvidia nforce 2 620 agp 5pci 3dimm, nf7 nvidia force2 615 agp 5pci dimm,, lx6 v? 2a69ja19c-xx i440lx winbond 977tf, lm6 a69ka1d i440bx, kx7-333 08/22/2002-vt8367-8233a-a6lva1bc-b6 via 8367 8233a, kt20 oem 12/28/2000-8363- 86a-6a6lma1ac-xg via kt133a, kt7e 02/14/2001-8363-686a-6a6lma19c-yh, t7a-raid v1.3 08/22/2002-8363-86a- a6lma1ac-b4 via kt133a , kt7a-raid v1.x 02/14/2001-8363-686a-6a6lma19c-yh, kt7-raid v1.x 02/14/2001-8363- 86a-6a6lma19c-yh, kt7-100 1.x 02/14/2001-8363-686a-6a6lma19c-yh, kt7 v1.x 02/14/2001-8363-686a-6a6lma19c-yh, kr7a-133 raid 11/18/2002- t8366a-8233-6a6lva1ac-cx, kr7a-raid 11/18/2002-vt8366a-8233-6a6lva1ac-cx, kr7-8x , kr7-raid via kt266 , kr7 via kt266 , kg20 oem 05/28/2001-761-686b-6a6s6a19c-wh amd 761 via 86b , kg7-raid 08/10/2001-761-686b- a6s6a1ac-xx amd 761 via 686b 6pci 4dimm , kg7-lite 07/05/2001-761-686b-a6s6a1ac-zl amd 761 via 686b , kg7 7/05/2001-761-686b-6a6s6a1ac-zl amd 761 via 686b 6pci 4dimm , kd7s 2/03/2002-kt400-8235-6a6lya1cc-11 via kt400 , kd7g 12/03/2002-kt400-8235-6a6lya1cc-11 via kt400 , kd7e 11/12/2002-kt400-8235-6a6lya1ac-cs via kt400 , kd7b 12/03/2002-kt400-8235-6a6lya1bc-11 via kt400 , kd7-raid 11/12/2002-kt400-8235-6a6lya1ac-cs via kt400 , kd7 11/12/2002-kt400-8235-6a6lya1ac-cs via kt400 ka7-100 07/20/2000-8371-686a-6a6lka1ac-ty via kx133 phaselink pll205-01xc , ka7 07/20/2000-8371-686a- 6lka1ac- y via kx133 4dimm 6pci 1isa 1agp phaselink pll205-01xc , it7ii v2.0 i845pe sata , it7ii v1.0 , it7 ax2 v2.0 2/16/2002-i845pe-w83627-6a69va1sc-d6 i845pe , it7 max2 v1.x 04/25/2002-i845e-w83627h-6a69va1mc-8h, it7 e 04/25/2002-i845e-w83627h-6a69va1mc-8h, it7 04/25/2002-i845e-w83627h-6a69va1mc-8h, it6b 440bx agp 4pci 1isa 4dimm w83627hf , is7-m i865g ich5r , is7-g i865pe ich5r , is7-e i865pe ich5 , is7 i865pe ich5r , ic7-g 875p ich5-r agpx8 5pci dimm w83627hf sil sata intel gigalan , ic7 04/28/2003-i875p-w83627h-6a79ba19c-11 i875p ch5-r agpx8 5pci dimm ,gb7-ultra intel e7205 agp 4pci 4dimm , gb7 sata , cx6 04/11/2000-i820-w83627-6a69la19c-rq i820 , bx133-raid 05/02/2001-i440bx-w977-6a69ka1cc-zw i440bx agp 5pci 1isa 3dimm hpt370 , bx133 05/02/2001-i440bx-w977-6a69ka1cc-zw i440bx agp 5pci 1isa 3dimm , bx20 oem 08/03/1999-i440bx-w83977- a69ka1bc-lv i440bx , bx6 v2.0 -i440bx-w977-2a69ka1jc-qr i440bx , bx6 v1.x bw7 raid bw7 bp6, bm6 bl7 l30d bl30 bh6 v1.1 bh6 v1.0 bg7m v1.0 bg7e bg71 bg7 bf6n bf6 v1.1 be7-s be7-g be7-b be7 raid be7 be6-ii 2.0 be6-ii v1.2 be6-ii v1.1 be6 bd70gl bd7ii raid bd7ii bd7m bd7 raid v1.x bd7 v1.x at7-max2 at7e at7e t7 at7 at6 an6 ah6 tx5n tx5 px5 pt5r2 pt5 ps5 pr5r2 pr5 pn5 pk5 ph5 pg5 pe5 pd5n pax5 sm5 ld5 it5v it5h v2.0 axx5 ax5 ar5 ab-pr5 ab-pn5 v4s471p3 pw4t sl82c491 pw4 pv4 v0a pm4 pi4t pi4 pb4 ax4 an4r2 an4d ah4-t (dx4) ah4 ag4 ae4 stk 9840 l01 stk 9840 l02 stk 9840 l03 stk 8940 d01 stk 9840 r02 stk 9840 l03 stk 9840 bl02 stk 9840 bl03 stk dlt4000 stk dlt7000 stk dlt8000 stk 9490-m32 tk 9490-m34 stk 9490-m44 libraries qty model no description stk l20 stk l40 stk l80 stk l700 odel 300 stk l700 model 700 stk 9710 stk 9714 stk 9740 stk 9310 w/9311 svt 1120 terminals svt 1121 logic boards svt 1122 logic boards svt 1126 ogic boards pwt120 pwt 1120 terminals f4725-00 svt keyboards f4725-17 svt keyboards f4725-25 vt keyboards ut200-1 terminals ut200-2 terminals kb27 ut keyboards kb30 ut keyboards vt 1224 terminals f5197-00 uvt eyboards f5197-15 uvt keyboards to275 terminals to300 terminals to300 amber crt kb1 to keyboards kb2 to keyboards kb4 to keyboards kb5 to keyboards 3560-00 uts 20s terminals 3560-01 uts 20w logic boards f3982-00 uts keyboards f3982-04 uts keyboards t27-12 terminals t27-12 new crt t27-15 terminals pwt270 terminals k3 keyboards k5 keyboards lt300-1 terminals lt300-2 terminals lt300-3 terminals max28 link terminals vs211 visentech terminals 0797-00 printer f3861-00 0425 forms tractors 0429-00 printers ap1312 printers ap1314 printers ap1324 printers ap1324 main logic boards ap1327 printers ap1329 printers b9961-15 ap1327/1329 serial i/f b9961-16 ap1327/1329 parallel i/f b9968-42 ap1327/1329 ibm/epson emulation module ap1337 main logic boards p1339 printers ap1337-si ap1337/1339 serial i/f ap133x-ph ap1337/1339 printheads ap133x-ps1 ap1337/ap1339 10v power supply ap133x-ps2 ap1337/ap1339 220v power supply ap1354 printers ap1359 printers wdm-1 printers citizen printer p9xl nec printer okidata printers kxp2624 panasonic printer nip-ii 10ppm ser 0478-02 10ppm laser 0478-d 0478 developer units 0478-f 0478 fuser units f5078-1 0478 legal paper rays ap9210-pki 10ppm ostscript lasers ap9210-mx1 new 1mb memory pgrade ap9230 30ppm laser ap9230-stk ap9230 stacker unit du4330 30ppm duplex laser u4000 u4330 laser stand du4004 u4330 1200 age external stacker du4005 du4330 1400 page external tacker ums4640-110 40ppm duplex laser lp800 rinter cabinet only 0770-06 0770-06 2000 lpm rinter(parts units) b9949-10 9246-7 remote printer i/f 9946-7 ew 246- 6 char. print bands 9246-a 246-7lx 9246-7rx 9246-7t 9246-7tx 640 lpm printers 9246-14b 1210 lpm rinters 9246-24h 2000 lpm rinter 246-25b 9493-280 280mb disk drives b9493-560 560mb disk drives rm3-pr3 eripheral rack md8 1x4 disk ubsystem m9710-11 1x2 1.0m disk subsystem m9612-00 1.3gb dual disk rive pansions 9710-1 1x2 1.0m disk subsystem m9710-62 1x4 1.75m isk subsystem m9612-p p disk rive xpansions m9612-sp p disk drive expansions asd805-sea 805mb scsi disk drives asd1545-eu .052gb scsi disk drives asd1545-a .545gb scsi disk drive usr9600-15 pkg: sp disk rack w/(2) sr9610-07 760mb disk rives usr9610-007 760mb sp sk ives usr4121-s20 kg: sp disk rack w/(1) usd1000-s20 805mb disk drives sd1000-s20 805mb sp disk rives r3121-s22 pkg: sp disk rack w/(1) usd1000-s28 5mb isk drives usd1000-s28 05mb sp disk drives usr3142-s22 pkg: sp disk rack w/(2) usd2100-s28 .545gb disk drive sd2100-s28 1.545gb sp sk drives usd2101-s28 545gb sp disk drives usr4131-d20 pkg: dp disk rack w(1) usd2000-d20 1.545gb disk rive usd2000-d20 545gb p isk drives usr4262-d22 kg: dp disk rack w/(2) usd2000-c23 1.5gb disk drives sd2000-c23 1.5gb p w/16m cache disk drives sm 32737-w25 pkg: sp disk rack w/(3) osd4102-w25 .557gb disks oss7000-ndx open stem isk racks ss7000-enc open system disk cabinet osd1001-20 805mb disk drive m927000-dg zitel .0m disk binet om926001-dg zitel 674-02 disk ives solid state zitel disk cabinet icro-ip virtual ernal disk abinet infinity virtual cabinet w/(2) dat drives & (2) disk drives disk drives-00/ix series 8494-99 1x2 disk subsystems f4958-9 494 2nd disk controller f4959-99 8494 dual disk rive xpansions f5152-99 8494 t dual access f5152-98 8494 next dual access m9720-11 1x2 disk bsystem m9720-62 x4 disk subsystems 720-65 2x10 disk subsystem m9720-1x empty 1.0m disk abinet 9720-6x empty 1.75m sk abinet m9610-00 ual disk drive expansions m9720-82 2x4 disk bsystem m9720-8x empty 1.75m disk cabinet m9610-02 disk ive xpansions usr9600-15 pkg: sp isk rack /(2) usr9610-007 760mb sp disk drives sr9610-007 760mb sp isk drives usr4232-d62 pkg: dp isk ack w/(2) usd2000-d60 1.97gb disk drives sd2000-60 .970gb dp disk rives r3142-s62 usr scsi isk controller (no drives) osm32234-65 pkg: sp disk rack w/(3) usd4000-65 4.219gb isk ives sd4000-s65 4.219gb sp disk drives oss7000-ndx pen systems disk racks sd2101-60 .1gb sp disk drives osd4100-s60 4.2gb sp disk drives m9760-12 9760 model "a" 15.6gb/192m m9760-a24 9760 odel a" .2gb/384m 9760-a32 m9760 model "a" 1.6gb/512m m9760-c20 m9760 model "c" 56.8gb/640m m9760-c32 9760 odel " 90.9gb/832m cache disk subsystems 9760-p16 m9760 model "p" 45.4gb/512m protected bsystem 9760-uk 9760 model "c" upgrade kit m9620-ao1 m9760 model "a" 1.83gb disk drives 9620-co1 9760 model "c" .83gb isk drives m9520-64m m9760 64m cache memory expansions m9520-56m m9760 56m usp5104-s04 16.8gb/512m isk subsystems usp5100-bmc block mux channel irectors isk drives-unix f4526-00 168mb md isk drives f5404-00 337mb 5095-824 824mb un6000-cde external d om unit un6000-cdi internal cd om units n1000-10a 1.3gb un1000-0a 2.0gb un6000-40 340mb hh scsi disk drives un6000-425 425mb un6000-gb .35gb h csi disk drives un6003-530 530mb un6003-1g3 .0gb un6003-2g3 2.0gb un6003-4g3 4.0gb un6005-525 25mb un6005-2g3 2.0gb n6005-4g3 4.0gb 6050-380 380mb un6350-760 760mb un6075-425 425mb un6780-1gb 1.0gb md disk drives un6785-1gd 1.0gb fh csi isk drives oss8404-4r pkg:dual raid rack w/(4) oss4301-4r 4.0gb sk drives oss8004-4r2 pkg:raid exp. isk rack w/(4) oss4301-s4r 4.0gb disk drives oss4301-s4r 4.0gb aid isk drives osd2101-s4r .1gb disk drives osd2102-w42 disk drives unity cabinets use 500 ertical 5u abinet se 1900 1.0m 19u cabinets se 3600 1.75m 36u abinets rm1-pdu power distribution units rm3-pdu power istribution units rm3-pc automatic power control unit sr3000-pdu power istribution nits tape drives f4597-00 9 track rack drives 5055-99 uniservo 2x tape controllers 0884-02 u-28 tape drive 5042-1 x2 u-36ii tape ubsystems 0874-22 u-36 ii lave tape drives f4847-00 dual access feature f4849-00 dual hannel switch f4850-00 ranslator feature 5073-2 u-40 tape controllers 5073-da u-40 2nd tape ontrollers 5073-lsi u-0 tape controllers f4855-06 channel i/f expansions 5073-cmp data ompression features 5073-c16 compression features 5073-c51 channel i/f expansions 0899-02 u-40 tape drives 0899-cl u-0 uto cartridge oaders 899-xcl u-40 xtended auto cartridge loader cts5136-m30 36 track ape drive controller clu5073-844 4x16x4918 cartridge library ystem u5073-a51 library channel xpansion features clu5073-a52 library channel extension features clu5073-a54 library nhanced ata compression features clu5073-f60 library i/f fips 60 attachment clu5073-me ibrary mass entry nit un6035-e66 6000/35 66mz library rvers un6035-8mu 8mb emory upgrades n6000-eth 16 bit ethernet ontrollers un6100-m3b 3 button mouse un6100-pcd power coupling device pcv16512-vga 512k vga ontroller pck101-kbd 101 key keyboards svg200-col 14" svga olor monitors foe2-bm3 adapter: foe bmc m 3mb f4831-00 ransceivers f8474-05 20' ethernet rop cable mt800 transceiver usl288102-s 1x2 csi tape library ubsystem w/edrc rm507302-mtu xpansion scsi tape drive usl288-cas catridge ccess tation usl288-ptp pass hru port m9610 ennedy gcr tape drive 2145-01 r tape drives 2145-02 gcr tape rives usr2145-03 rack mount cr tape drives usr2145-101 rack mount gcr tape drive usr5073-1x1 18 rack ack mount 1x1 tape subsystem sr5073-dr 18 track rack mount tape drive expansions usr5073-cl enhanced auto loaders 75-1874-900 5073-acl 5 cartridge magazines 75-1875-907 usr5073-acl 10 artridge magazines t5136-1d1 36 track 1x1 tape drive w/edrc and auto ader 5252-00 9 track tape rive un6000-dat .3/2.0gb 4mm dat drives un6000-dt4 4.0/8.0gb 4mm dat drive un6000-qio 1200mb teamer tape s8500-ts 5.0/10.0gb 8mm se dat drive hs8500-acl 5.0/10.0gb 8mm diff w/10 cart. autoloader dat rive hsl8500-cs 5.0/10.0gb 8mm e w/10 cart. autoloader dat drives esc3-tbu external 525mb tape ive 820-tdd dsi 8mm dat drive 8500-st ema 8mm dat drive 880-b1 lpine iant 8mm dat drive vt200-e irtual external 4mm dual dat drive 100el virtual ext. 8mm w/10 cart. autoloader at drive nfinity virtual abinet w/(2) dat drives & (2) disk drives btu4000 tape cleaner dcp quipment ty model o description cap200-bc dcp unit 1986-01 dcp/15 omm. processor dcp/25 dcp/25 ith (1) i/o module cp/25 cp/25 with (3) i/o modules 8619-03 dcp/30 with (3) i/o modules dcp/30-bc cp/30 with (1) i/o module cp/30-bc cp/30 ith (3) /o modules dcp/35 dcp/35 with (3) i/o modules cp/50-ec dcp/50 exp. cabinet with (1) i/o odule /50-ec dcp/50 exp. cabinet with (3) i/o modules cp/50-exp dcp/50 exp. cabinet with (1) i/o odule dcp/50-exp dcp/50 exp. cabinet with (3) /o modules cp/50-203 dcp/50 model 203 dcp5800 dcp/5800 cp/200-s1 dcp/200 ack mount units cp/200-e1 cp/200 ack mount expansion nits dcp/611 cp/611 dcp/614 cp/614 dcp/628 cp/628 dcp/620-c2 dcp/62x econd expansion abinet dcp/620-im1 dcp/62x enhanced iddle /o module p/620-ib dcp/62x ottom i/o module dcp600-pc dcp/600 pc nsoles additional features dcp/40-ps power upply p/n# 038115-00 dcp/40-ps power supply p/n# 38140-00 dcp/40-ps power supply p/n# 042028-00 cp/40-s ower supply p/n# 2042030-00 dcp/30-8m cp/30 8m memory modules dcp/30-4se 4mb to mb memory xpansion dcp4961-s2 cp/15 mb to 4mb emory upgrade dcp4993-2sc dcp/50 o 6 memory pansions p4993-sx dcp/50 6 to memory xpansions dcp4997-ms1 80mb nternal disk drives cp4997-ms3 40mb nternal isk drives f1942-00 sync line modules f1947-02 bmc host interfaces 1947-03 bmc host nterfaces f1947-04 mc ost interfaces f1947-06 bmc ost interfaces f1947-07 bmc host interfaces 163-0 medium peed ine odule f3163-08 edium speed line module f3164-1 i-speed line odule 3165-00 x1 async line module 5137-00 ethernet line module f3837-00 4x1 ine modules f3837-03 4x1 line odules 3837-04 4x1 line dules 847-00 dcss line modules 882-00 fepi board f3893-00 medium speed line dule 893-02 disk controller 4987-02 word hannel ost /f db3163-10 dual bus v.35 line modules b3163-10 ulkhead i/f board only b3837-04 x1 line modules ilm20-8b 8x1 async line module lm20-hs1 igh peed .35 line module ilm20-s3 lkhead i/f board only ilm20-hs4 4x1 high sp[eed rs232 line odule m40-en ual bus ethernet m40-tr1 l us token ring line module crt50 new 50' dcp comm. cables st lan controllers an 1-hlc host lan ontroller model# 1 hlc2-eth hlc2 ual ethernet ntroller hlc2-t c2 double al ethernet ntroller th2-chn hlc2 dual ethernet controller xpansions di 2-tt lc2 l ring fiber controller pansion mk -hlc hlc2 rack mount nstallation kits mmunication quipment f4831-00 ethernet ranceiver 8601-00 4040 cluster controllers 609-00 minal multiplexors 8610-00 deirect connect odule 8613-99 sdm 4235-0 sdm xpansion oards rev 5 tep/pep emulation ards rev 6 tep/pep mulation boards uca-ps2 ps2 tyle tep/pep mulation boards p-2 step mulation roms p-7 pep raphics ulation proms p-7/l32 p teway rom p-9 pep emulation proms p-/l12 pep ateway prom p-9/l32 pep gateway proms -10 step mulation roms p-12 step graghics emulation proms p-17 pep emulation om p-21 ep emulation rom k- ep graphics emulation keys k- ep ulation eys -10 step mulation eys -2 step aphics emulation key -43 windows mulation eys f8721-02 tep mulation kits v3.0 icc ualtion oards v3.1 icc mulation oards 3.2 icc ulation oards rm3600 irland controller ild-36 irland rminal ervers ild-38 airland erminal ervers a36/16 airland rminal server ontrollers mux8 bm port terminal multiplexors pc jbm apc ontroller hub-16 bm terminal rver controllers ts jbm rminal ervers n1000-at3 32 port erminal ervers un1000-16 ort erminal erver expansions un1000-32 32 ort terminal server expansions un1000-t3 32 ort erminal ervers ax3a-32/16 logics 32 port rminal servers axe-c-16-n-0 gics 16 port terminal server cabletron cabletron 10 base t hub c2994 m 10 base t hubs t-air-06 ellicom 10 base t hubs 508b ynoptics 10 base t ransceiver 2800a synoptics ommunication ubs synoptics communication hub ellfleet ommunication routers um6015 unisys stat mux/modems 82 isys data modems 000d-r2 micom odem 5002b/babt5 micom stat mux mt932ba ultitech odem odex dems n500a ec odem ax32 bx fastalk modem 1200e uds modem ds/mr1 uds v.35 modems 201 as ds odems dm9600 nisys odems 1962-00 lsm auxiliary cabinet 2523-00 line switch module 533-0 yte annel transfer switch personal computers 070-08 ht pc 3070-384m 384mb memory exp. oards 149-s 0/10 power supplies 149-b 300/10 ystem boards 50016-sb 500/16 system oards 0020-sb 500/20 system oards 0016-io 500/16 main i/o ontroller board pci32521 386 25mz pc pci-mb pci pc 8mb memory pgrade 2x6-ps 06/3256 stec aa16570 ower supplys mpi42541 486 25mz pc mpi-4mb mpi pc 4mb memory pgrade mpe46681 86 mz pc wp50062z 86 90mz pc sme590101 586 uad 90mz erver pcc400-eth ethernet ontrollers unisys vga controller /serial port 8862 therlink iii isa thernet controllers 8872 herlink iii eisa ethernet controllers empest etwork cards pwm1-ps2 ouse f5502-00 ntelligent communication oard pc nitors 3585-00 lor monitor 3618-00 ega olor nitors 1431-vdc vga color monitors vga color onitors ga color monitors evg152-col vga olor monitors evg200-col svga color onitor evg300-col vga color onitor evg400-col svga olor monitors svg250-col vga color onitors a200-l vga color nitors pc keyboards f4208-0 yboards f4729-00 keyboards f4730-00 keyboards f4862-00 yboards f4963-0 keyboards ck-01kb 101 key keyboards pck-104kb 04 ey yboards btc52 new generic 101 key keyboards power systems up1401-4 1.4 kva u.p.s. p1404- .3 kva u.p.s. up808-3 8.0 kva u.p.s. 1410-0 10 kva p.s. p909 u.p.s. up910 u.p.s. up9200 u.p.s. 57-959-876 sp5 urge protecters 57-9021-908 sp5c urge rotector /data comm 57-0015-008 sp15 urge rotecter w/6 utlets 57-5549-605 power monitor unix rocessors-5000 series 33-00 tape expansion cabinet 147-00 pansion abinet 5000/85 unix processor omplex 5000/90 ix ocessor omplex 5000/95 unix rocessor mplex 119-00 expansion abinets f5350-00 5mz cpu oard 4965-00 12.5mz pu board f5351-00 16mb emory boards f5358-00 32mb emory boards 4608-0 mc/2 oard f4966-00 dmc/4 board f4704-00 mac board 5478-00 ethernet controllers f452x-00 hsdt/iocp ntrollers f536x-00 dt/iocp controllers 5555-73 dt/scsi controllers f4829-00 ethernet controller 124-00 mux cluster ontrollers 5125-00 8 port ommunication muxes f5095-g16 16 port ontrollers 4522-00 gc/iocp ontrollers f5354-00 egc/iocp controllers f5391-00 150mb tape rives nix rocessors-6000 series un1000-mc2 000 disk mass cabinets 6000/35 6000/35 33mz unix processors 6000/35-e66 6000/35 6mz ix rocessors 6000/50 6000/50 unix processors un6050-exp 6000/50 disk expansion cabinets 6000/60 000/60 ix rocessor 6000/65 6000/65 nix processors un6070-exp 6000/70 expansion cabinet 6000/70 000/70 unix rocessor 6000/75 6000/75 unix rocessors 6000/80 6000/80 nix processors 6000/85 6000/85 nix processor 785-px 6000/75/85 expansion cabinet un6785-hpx 6000/75/85 expansion cabinets 000/100 6000/100 unix rocessor 6000/400 6000/400 unix processor 6000/520 6000/520 unix processor 000/550 6000/550 nix rocessors 00/580 6000/580 unix processors additional features eth100-pci ci ethernet controllers pcc500-eth a thernet controller une1000-daf dual iber optic ontrollers une1000-hs2 dual port high peed nc controllers un1000-isc isic scsi disk ontrollers un6000-aha adaptec scsi ontrollers un6000-ns isa e scsi-2 controllers n6000-wd eisa iff scsi wide controllers un6000-eth 16 bit ethernet controllers un6000-24p 28 port omm. controllers un6000-24e 24 port multiplexors un6032-mup 0/550/580 32mb memory pgrade n6035-8mu 6000/35 8mb memory upgrades un6050-ecc 6000 ecc memory ntrollers un6050-eth 8 it thernet ntrollers un6050-par 6000 parity memory controllers n6050-io 00 8 port serial omm. controllers n65xx-mbd 6000/550/580 memory controllers un6064-mup 6000/550/580 64mb emory rades n6065-cpu 6000/65 33mz processor boards un6065-mbd 6000/65 memory ntrollers n6065-p50 6000/65 50mz processor boards un6065-p24 6000/65 100mz processor boards un6065-u /65 16mb memory upgrades un6065-32u 6000/65 32mb memory upgrades un6100-mbd 6000/100 system ards n6100-ps 6000/100 power supply un6128-mup 6000/550/580 128mb emory upgrade un6130-16m 00/100/400 32mb memory upgrades un6256-mbd 6000/550/580 256mb emory controllers un6256-mup 000/550/580 256mb mory upgrades n6300-bd 6000/300 system board un6500-sbb 6000/550/580 stio ridge controllers n6500-sb 6000/550/580 quad scsi diff. ntrollers un6550-p60 000/550 60mz rocessor boards n6550-p90 000/550 90mz rocessor boards 6550-pco 6000/550 100mz processor oards un6550-pc3 000/550 133mz rocessor board n6550-scm 000/550 bridge boards un6580-p90 6000/580 dual 90mz processor boards n6580-pc2 000/580 dual 120mz processor boards un6580-pc5 00/580 dual 150mz processor boards n6780-16 6000/7x/8x 16 port comm. controllers 6780-dpb 000/70/80 ual 16mz processor boards un6780-2pb 6000/70/80 dual 20mz rocessor boards un6780-ced 6000/70/80 si/ethernet controllers un6780-8m 000/70/80 8mb memory ontrollers 6780-16m 6000/70/80 16mb memory controllers un6780-24m 000/70/80 4mb memory xpansions n6785-p60 000/75/85 60mz rocessor board un6785-qcc 6000/75/85 quad scsi ontrollers un6785-sced 6000/75/85 thernet ontrollers un6785-ssm 6000/75/85 scsi controllers un6785-64m 6000/75/85 4mb memory ntrollers n6785-96m 000/75/85 96mb memory expansions un6785-192 000/75/85 92m memory xpansion n6780-a16 000/7x/8x 16 port comm. controllers 6785-3pb 3.5" disk p-bay un6785-pb .25" isk p-bay smp5400-bd smp 5400 system boards smp6400-mbd smp 6400 system boards tos/ctos ystems b26 cpu central rocessing unit b27 cpu central processing unit b26-exp expansion 25-d1 monitors b25-m1 (2) 1mb oppy it b25-m3 disk drive b25-m4 20mb disk/1mb floppy units b25-mx3 disk rive b25-mx4 20mb disk unit b25-c5 40mb disk w/ecc ontroller nit b26-mc6 8mb disk w/ecc ontroller unit b25-ipc option modules 25-gra graphics modules b25-ps ower supplies fpc 1mb emory pacs mainframe processors-a series a1-fs a1 processor complex 1-ec a1 expansion cabinets 4-fs a4 processor complex a6-fs a6 rocessor mplex a6-ks a6 rocessor complex a2150-211 2150 model 211 processor complex a7-111 a7 model 111 rocessor complex a7-211 a7 odel 11 processor omplex includes: a7805-1x1 805mb internal si disk drive a7-24m memory controller w/ 24mb memory odule op320-90 se csi controller p378-32 data omm adapters a7-exp a7 disk xpansion cabinets 11-11 a11 model 211 processor complex a11-211 a11 odel 11 processor complex includes: a11-mbd ain emory controller 11-24 4m memory modules sp805-2x1 initial dual 805mb disk rives rm5-a1 hannel rack odule rm9-io3 li i/o base ca301-mli mli hannel adapters rm3-pd1 power distribution nits m36 1.75m unity binets rm3-pr3 peripheral rack b9493-560 560mb disk drives x246-92 buffered rinter dlp x246-97 printer/tape p x310-90 internal scsi lp 310-91 xternal csi lp x378-0 ata comm lp x378-30 enhanced data mm lp a11/211 a11 model 211 rocessor omplex includes: a11-mbd main emory ntroller a11-24m m memory modules rm3-pr3 ripheral rack rm5-ca1 channel rack module rm9-io3 mli i/o base ca301-li mli hannel adapter ca301-ci scsi se adapter ca302-sci scsi diff apters rm36-0 1.75m unity abinet m3-pc automatic power ontrol unit rm3-ps4 power trip w/(4) tlets x246-92 uffered printer dlp 46-97 printer/tape dlp x310-1 xternal scsi dlp x378-20 data omm lp x378-30 enhanced data om dlp x369-23 tdi edc uad i/f x269-20 rs232 edc dual i/f a11-e22 a11 model e22 rocessor mplex 1400-b11 a14 model d11 processor omplex ncludes: a14-bd ain memory ontroller 14-24m 24m emory modules asp805-2x1 initial dual 805mb isk drives rm5-ca4 channel ck module chn 36-cnv 3u to 6u channel rack upgrade rm36 1.75 meter binet m3-apc automatic ower control pdu op378-32 data comm adpaters op320-90 se scsi adapter a14-211 14 model 211 processor complex includes: a14-mbd main memory controller a14-24m 24m mory modules sp805-x1 initial dual 805mb disk drives m5-ca4 hannel rack module chn 36-cnv 3u o u channel rack pgrade rm36 1.75 eter cabinet rm9-io3 li i/o base ca301-mli mli channel adapter m3-apc utomatic ower control pdu a1403-c11 a14 model c rocessor omplex includes: a14-mbd main memory ontroller a14-96m 96m memory module p805-1 initial dual 805mb disk drives rm5-ca4 hannel ack odule chn 36-cnv 3u to 6u annel rack grade rm36 1.75 meter cabinet rm3-apc utomatic power ntrol pdu ca622-th ethernet controller p320-90 se scsi controller 1405-b11 a14 odel 511 rocessor complex ncludes: a14-mbd ain emory ontroller a14-96m 96m memory odule asp805-2x1 nitial ual 05mb disk drives rm5-ca4 channel ack module chn 36-cnv 3u to 6u channel ack upgrade m36 1.75 meter cabinet m9-io3 mli i/o base ca301-mli mli channel adapter pdu 1000-rpu raded power istribution unit ca622-eth ethernet ontroller x246-97 rinter/tape dlp x310-91 ernal csi dlp x378-30 enhanced data comm dlp x4601-1 nx 4601 model 41 processor omplex ncludes: nx4600-p2 nx 4600 companion ackage #2 rm5-ca4 channel rack module chn 36-cnv 3u to 6u channel rack pgrade ca622-eth ethernet controller rm36 1.75 meter abinets rm1936-fot tabilizer foot asd1545-ea 1.54gb internal disk drives a1401-mbd main emory controller a14-96s 6m mory module m9-io3 li i/o base ca301-mli mli channel adapters vx1401-bse initial base server includes: sfr600081-za2 entium pro ase ystem sxe 00-12 200mz processor w/512 cache mem 621-sim mory:qs/qr/hs/hr simm ard vx40064-mem 4mb memory rad 341-pci 3 hannel raid ontroller /4mb ache cdr 1200-si 12 speed nternal d om unit ds4000-wc7 4gb internal scsi disk drive pcu 102-pci 2mb aphics dapter pci 300-sun tra narrow scsi controller cbl 421-sxe sxe wide scsi cable eth 101007-ci 0/100mb tx adapter pct 4000-int 4gb internal ape drive vxf 4000-81z nt server fascia vx 9999-cps nstallation: earpath vr m3-apc power distribution units 1003-od remote support odem x246-7 rinter/tape dlp x310-90 nternal scsi dlp x310-91 external scsi dlp x378-30 enhanced data omm dlp 310-90 internal csi dlp 10-91 external scsi dlp x378-20 ata comm dlp x378-30 nhanced data comm lp x601-icp thernet dlp a1-12m a1 12mb memory board additional eatures a1-24m a1 24mb memory oard a1-36m 1 36mb memory oard emc25600-ca a2150 256k che memory mpm5-16m 2150 16m memory pansions pm5-32m a2150 32m emory expansions a17-24m a17 24m memory boards isd3-dr a2150 cd rom unit ast 000-qse a2150 200mb qic tape rive pvc 51200-ca a2150 512k video oard st2100-fx1 a2150 .1gb scsi disk rive m5-ca4 hannel ack odules rm9-io3 mli i/o base ca301-mli mli channel dapters ca302-sci se scsi channel dapters ca312-sci scsi diff. channel adapters ca622-eth thernet ntroller op320-90 se scsi ntrollers op320-91 scsi diff. controllers op331-1 pci scsi controller p378-32 data comm ontroller p378-3 data comm controller x246-92 printer dlp x246-97 rinter/tape dlp x304-4 arge isk lp x304-97 smd disk dlp x310-90 internal scsi dlp 310-91 external scsi dlp x378-0 ata comm dlp x378-30 enhanced data comm dlp x399-10 sorter dlp x601-icp ethernet dlp 602-icp thernet dlp cp2000-pag p2000 ddp package cp2011-21 line modules rs232;rs422 p2011-401 line modules s422 cp2012-440 line odule 4 s232, 4 tdi cp2003-800 line module-8 rs232 cp2013-2 xtended cp lan kit cp2013-5 802.3 lan transceiver dp1000-a basic unit sorters p1000-13 4 ocket module (1-4) dp1000-14 4 cket module (5-8) dp1000-11 ocket module dp1000-31 4 pocket odule pgrade dp1000-61 icrofilm pgrade dp1800-a basic unit w/ 12 pockets dp1000-61 microfilm pgrade dp1000-21 double read e13b p1800-1 data comm. interface s80/7e system 80 model 7e ncludes: ainframe processors-system 80 series s80072-prc processor cabinet s80070-iox i/o pansion binet s800708-msu 8mb memory boards s800730-h 00mb half high disk drives s80070-scn system console 1431-vdc console monitor wm1-ser 2 utton ouse f5177-00s onsole keyboard a1000-mod modem x378-31 data comm dlp x310-93 scsi device lp x246-99 ssi printer lp x369-20 rs232 edc dual i/f a1-cb3 scsi expansion cable s80-50 system 80 model 0 /16m mory s80500-sc system console s80500-sel selector channels s80500-cha 2nd channel daptor 80500-ci csi channel f4864-01 system 80/10/15/20 4m memory module 2200/100 ystem ith 6mw emory inframe rocessors-2200/100 series 22100-bmc block mux channels 22100-dsk nbuilt 1.5gb disk drive 2100-sh2 apter: internal scsi 22100-sh3 adapter: external scsi 22100-bpa adapter: byte peripheral 2100-csm i/f: central support 2200/100 system ith w emory 2100-dsk inbuilt 1.5gb disk drive 22100-csm /f: central support 3088-63 2200/202 processor omplex ainframe processors-200/200 series f4073-00 emory controller w/.5mw emory f4076-00 .5mw memory expansions k3652-01 block mux channels f4113-01 formatter ii /170mb disk drive f4115-01 xpansion 170mb disk drive f4073-00 memory ontroller /.5mw emory 4076-00 .5mw emory xpansions 5450-00 instruction processor expansion 22411-prc 200/411 ocessor complex includes: mainframe rocessors-2200/400 eries 22400-prc processor cabinet 2400-oa input/output cabinet 22400-ip nstruction processor 22400-msu w emory boards 22400-mi block mux nput/output processors 22400-bmm block mux module 22400-bmc block x hannel interfaces 22400-wr power expansions 22400-sc ystem console ap1324 console rinter f8337-03 printer cable 22422-prc 200/422 processor complex ncludes: 22400-prc rocessor cabinet 22400-ioa input/output cabinet 22400-p instruction processors 22400-msu 4mw memory boards 22400-bmi block mux input/output rocessors 22400-bmm block mux dules 22400-bmc block mux channel interfaces 22400-sc system onsole uc22464 00/464 c processor mplex includes: uc22400-prc uc processor cabinet uc22400-ioa uc nput/output cabinet uc22400-ip uc nstruction processors uc22400-msu uc 4mw memory boards uc22400-bmi c lock ux input/output rocessors uc22400-bmm uc block mux modules uc22400-mc uc lock mux channel interfaces c22400-pwr uc power expansions 22400-sc system onsole 22400-prc rocessor cabinets additional atures uc22400-prc uc processor cabinets 22400-ioa input/output abinets 22400-ciop console nput/output cabinets 22400-ioc nput/output pansion abinet 22400-ip nstruction processors c22400- c nstruction processors 22400-msu 4mw memory oards uc22400-msu c mw memory oards 22400-mi lock mux input/output processors uc22400-bmi c block mux nput/output ocessors 22400-bmm lock ux odules c22400-bmm uc block mux modules 22400-bmc block ux hannel interfaces c22400-bmc uc lock mux chautput rocessors 22400-wdm word hannel modules 22400-wdc word channel nterfaces 2400-sci scsi put/output rocessors 302-sci scsi nterfaces 22400-sc system consoles m225844 200/5844 model "m" rocessor complex ncludes: ainframe processors-200/500 eries 22500-pcc processor abinets 22500-br crossbar cabinet w/xbr clock 22500-ip instruction rocessors 25032-mi nitial 32mw memory dules 22545-bmc iop;rack with 4) block mux channel i/f's 22500-c stem consoles 2200-wir lan iring enter m225422 2200/5422 model m" rocessor complex includes: 2500-pcc processor cabinets 22500-ip nstruction processors 225032-mi itial 32mw emory modules 2545-mc iop;rack with (4) block mux hannel i/f's 22500-sc system consoles 200-wir lan wiring center m225222 2200/5222 model "m" ocessor omplex includes: 22500-c processor cabinets 22500-ip instruction processors 225032-mi nitial 32mw emory modules 2545-mc ;rack with (4) block mux channel i/f's 22500-sc system consoles 2200-wir an ring enter 200/5111 ocessor complex includes: 22500-pcc processor cabinet 22500-ip instruction ocessor 225032-mi initial 32mw memory modules 22545-bmc iop;rack with (4) block mux annel f's m500-exp si hannel ck expansion ca312-sci scsi diff. channel adapters 22500-sc ystem nsole 2200-wir an ring center 500-ip nstruction processors additional features 25032-su 32mw memory module ansions 22500-sc stem consoles 22545-bmc iop;rack with (4) ock mux channel i/f's 22500-bm4 lock x hannel interface 22500-csb scsi iop;5u rack;dcs card w/(1) ca312-sci